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Risk & Threat Strategy

We analyze and consider the client’s need to protect a business, people, or assets, focus on possible/future threats, and develop a strategy accordingly. We use comprehensive security systems and technologies for risk detection and threat elimination. We share our knowledge and experience to your benefit.

Asset protection & recovery

We specialize in providing security solutions for high value asset protection. Our skilled and highly qualified agents are trained to provide the most efficient security solution and its execution. They use special asset protection strategies developed for individual cases to grant the perfect protection…

Legal consulting

Our company has qualified professionals providing legal consulting and advisory to individuals or companies. We aim to provide our clients with information regarding all security-related matters and discuss the legal aspects of your situation. Our consultants are experienced specialists…

Global medical & health support

Offering global and medical health support becomes an important feature for our business. By integrating security solutions with medical and health services our clients can benefit from options that help mitigate or prevent threats of accidents, illness, and injury. Our services include medically…

Personal protection

Personal protection and bodyguarding require a personalized approach that takes individual choices, requirements, and needs into account. Our educated and skilled agents use their knowledge and experience together with complex security technologies to protect you, your family…

Travel risk management & security

Travel risk management is a comprehensive, sophisticated strategy designed to protect our clients from travel risks both on a personal and organizational level. We provide you with pre-travel advice and important information about the country you are traveling to or in. That includes information about…

Global network

Born Global Security Solutions ensures global security services all over the world thanks to an extensive global network of offices, employees and partners. This network covers 26 countries. We are where you need us and our main goal is you to be safe.

More than 30 years
of experience

More than 30 years’ experience in the high value assets / high risk segment of private security and we think out of the box in our problem solving.

Complex businesses and challenging environments

Our employees and consultants have a particular understanding of the politics and policies of global organizations ─ in understanding the complexity of these organizations, their business and the challenges of their environment.

Integrated legal, medical
& health solutions

Our company has qualified professionals providing also legal consulting and advisory as well as global medical health support. We aim to provide our clients with a complete information regarding all security related matters.

Carefully selected
& verified partners

Every BGSS employee and partner is carefully selected based on their unique balance between hard and soft skills, experience and network and ability to navigate in environments that calls for fast action, innovative problem solving and in-depth experience in high value assets / high risk segment of private security.


Risk advisory, consulting and management

High value assets stolen in eastern Europe

A privately owned global production company outsources its semi-finished production but owns the high value assets utilized for the semi-finished production. The semi-finished component is sent out worldwide for tailoring and finished production before delivery to customers. However, the assets utilized for the semi-finished goods are stolen and hidden in Eastearn Europe.

Personal Protection

Executive Protection and Family Life Empowerment

An executive officer and his family live a great, happy life running a successful family business until different suspicious individuals repeatedly pay them visits and threaten the son and the whole family. These individuals keep paying visits to the son at school and demand their money-back. When ignored they threaten kidnaping. Realizing their sons excessive gambling issues, the family starts to feel insecure but they are also worried about their son. They suspect that he puts himself and the family at risk by borrowing money from “the wrong people” and never returning them. Moreover, the son has issues with completing his education which are obviously related to his gambling problem.

Executive Protection / Travel Risk Management and Security

Securing Embassy During Official Visit

An embassy is informed about an official visit from a country that is considered a superpower. However, this information reaches the embassy only one week before the actual visit and only limited details are shared about the VIP guest. Such situations require a flexible, easily adjustable but complex plan developed with short notice because the threat level cannot be fully determined prior to the plan execution. Preparations for similar assignments usually take a couple of months so that we gather necessary identity information and conduct a risk analysis.


Safe Nordic is a part of Born Global Security Solutions

Safe Nordic is a part of Born Global Security Solutions

We are proud to announce that as of July 1 2021 Safe Nordic is a part of Born Global Security Solutions. For the past 10 years Safe Nordic has provided supreme quality medical training and support solutions. As part of Born Global Security Solutions A/S, Safe Nordic...

New partnership with European Security Academy

New partnership with European Security Academy

We are now able to provide ESA courses in Denmark with ESA's instructors and gear.For questions and booking of courses please contact us by e-mail Denmark@euseca.com or call us directly +45 31 104 104.

Tightened travel guidelines

Tightened travel guidelines

In light of the tightened travel guidelines recently announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark please approach your or your employees international travels very cautiously.